rock stars

I have accumulated stories like rock stars on your wall
and i will dole them out like hit singles while your eyes widen
       and you watch me spin the tales
like a record
like a web
where i get caught on that one skip
that one skip
one skip
and we just start again

You have accumulated battle scares like
like boys headed off to war
or some unknown battle otherwise
and you have accumulated tears
like ocean
hidden behind long distance train rides and
dark sunglasses

you turn and
for the camera
like a rock star
and with every haircut you
just leave me further behind
and i still have all these questions
about where you'll be next century
and who has been leaving
stale rock and roll breadcrumbs
at your doorstep
right under your nose
dull white and crush
and you follow that trail
into the damned rabbit hole
       every single time
i might too